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The big goodbye 21.05.2016
"We saw a snake!" (aaaaaargh) 20.05.2016
Lost 19.05.2016
In the footsteps of the Bushmen 18.05.2016
Don't panic 17.05.2016
The lion's roar 16.05.2016
Bedtime stories 15.05.2016
"A ticket to Halleluja" 14.05.2016
Who needs Victoria Falls? 13.05.2016
Sweetie, Sweetie? 12.05.2016
"Is the donkey dead?" 11.05.2016
"No, there is no food." 10.05.2016
Messages from the ancient people 09.05.2016
"This is Disneyland in Namibia!" Jihaaa 08.05.2016
Apple crumble in the desert 07.05.2016
"We are no tourists, we are explorers." 06.05.2016
Jonathan's map 05.05.2016
Under the milky way 04.05.2016
"You have a big car, it's like a bus" 03.05.2016
Two women, a big car and a roadmap ... 02.05.2016